Ross Mackay


I’m a London based web developer, specialising in front-end, with full-stack, product and hardware experience, usually working between the fast-paced worlds of agencies and product startups. I’m happiest writing clean, functional code powering seamless user experiences.

These days I’m usually writing React (+ redux etc) or node commercially, but I’ve got experience integrating with and prototyping in wide range of stacks/languages.



github: mcky
twitter: @r_mcky

Contracts only - preferrably React, no Angular or Wordpress.


Contracting (2015 - Present)


YunoJuno (HQ)
Replatforming a hard-coded gatsby site to be CMS driven.
Skills: React, Gatsby.js, Contentful (headless CMS)

Moving Brands
Building a marketing site for a california based electric vehicle company.
Skills: React, Gatsby.js, (headless CMS), Serverless framework, Styled components

Leading a team to build the first stages of a digital publishing platform for a major entertainment franchise.
Skills: React (SSR), GraphQL, Node, Contentful (headless CMS), Jest, CSS Modules

Building components for use across the clients ecommerce and marketing platforms.
Skills: React, Jest, Styled components

Building a financial dashboard powered by a modular CMS, integrating with both new and legacy APIs.
Skills: React, Component-driven development

Building the platform to power the next generation of marketing sites for a range of household beauty & fragrance companies.
Skills: Node, Chai, Cucumber

Creating cutting-edge digital experiences including a digital treasure-trail housed in a web-based OS and a webGL + AI-powered fashion designer.
Skills: React, Redux, websockets, adapting projects for installations, OS.js

Built both the prototype and v1 of a real-time restaurant management platform.
Skills: React, Redux, websockets, Stripe

Instinctif Partners
Both redeveloping a legacy site whilst creating a component-library for use in microsites.
Skills: ES6, Jekyll, Wordpress

Creating and standardizing the component library for use across marketing & ecommerce.
Skills: ES6, CSS, Static-site generators, accessible & responsive design

The Rumpus Room
Building large scale innovative campaigns for clients such as the UN, sporting celebreties and musicians. Rapid prototyping of campaigns in conjunction with creatives.
Skills: React, Redux, prototyping

The Telegraph
Developed a tool for journalists to enrich articles with contextual information, with similar tools now used by many big name digital news sites.
Skills: React, Bootstrap, UX, prototyping

Alan Yau
Bradley Wiggins

WhatLeadsTo (03 - 06/2015)

Built the early stages of a platform to help charities and business better measure and report their social impact. Worked closely with designers and stakeholders to rapidly prototype and test features.

Skills: React, Node, MongoDB, Product design

Kota Creative (03 - 09/2014)

Led development on a host of websites for clients in the hospitality sector.

Skills: Front-end, Wordpress

FuelStory / Converge Collective (03 - 09/2013)

Worked on the rebranding and strategy for a rapidly growing London coworking space and prototyped a number of small apps and websites, handling everything from design to competitor research and market analysis.

Skills: Prototyping, Front-end, Design, Research


BA Digital Media Design (2012 - 2015)

London College of Communication

Skills: Creative coding, hardware, motion graphics, 3D, video editing

Interactive Media (2010 - 2012)

South Nottingham College

Skills: Web development & design, animation, video production