Ross Mackay


I'm a London based full-stack developer with a breadth of experience across industries, from early stage product startups to marketing agencies. I'm happiest writing clean, functional code, solving real business needs and streamlining operations.

These days I'm usually writing React or node commercially, but I've got experience integrating with and contributing to services written in a wide range of stacks/languages.

If you're working in a functional language such as Elixir or Clojure I'd be particularly interested to hear from you.


github: mcky


Oak national Academy

Over the past 2 years I’ve worked on and off with Oak to expand their offering via their online classroom and teacher hub. Responsibilities spanned the entire stack, from data modelling and ingesting, to stateful UI work.

Recent highlights include migrating their CMS from Contentful to Sanity during their redesign, and assisting in their transition from static rendering to Next.js’ ISR mode.

Skills: Next.js, Serverless architecture (GCP, Cloudflare workers), Postgres,

Zero-1 / Lifted care

Skills: Typescript (+ tsoa, typeorm, typegraphql), Next.js, React Native, Postgres


BA Digital Media Design (2012 - 2015)

London College of Communication

Skills: Creative coding, hardware, motion graphics, 3D, video editing