Ross Mackay


I’m a London based full-stack developer with a breadth of experience across product startups and agencies. I’m happiest writing clean, functional code, solving real business needs and streamlining operations.

These days I’m usually writing React or node commercially, but I’ve got experience integrating with and prototyping in a wide range of stacks/languages.



github: mcky
twitter: @r_mcky


Contracting (2015 - Present)


Moving Brands
Added realtime session functionality to deliver virtual tours of a large manafacturer’s facilities during COVID-19.
Skills: Next.js, Hapi,

Zero-1 / Lifted care

Skills: Typescript (+ tsoa, typeorm, typegraphql), Next.js, React Native, postgres

YunoJuno (HQ)
Re-platformed a hard-coded gatsby site to be CMS driven.
Skills: React, Gatsby.js, Contentful

Moving Brands
Built a marketing site for a california based electric vehicle company.
Skills: React, Gatsby.js,, Serverless framework, Styled components

Wizarding World (via Huge)
Led a team to build the first stages of a the Wizarding World web platform.
Skills: React (SSR), GraphQL, Node, Contentful, Jest, CSS Modules

Built components for use across the client’s ecommerce and marketing platforms.
Skills: React, Jest, Styled components

Built a financial dashboard powered by a modular CMS, integrating with both new and legacy APIs.
Skills: React, Component-driven development

Built the platform to power the next generation of marketing sites for a range of household beauty & fragrance companies.
Skills: Node, Chai, Cucumber

Created cutting-edge digital experiences including a digital treasure-trail housed in a web-based OS and a webGL + AI-powered fashion designer.
Skills: React, Redux, websockets, adapting projects for installations, OS.js

Built both the prototype and v1 of a real-time restaurant management platform.
Skills: React, Redux, websockets, Stripe

Instinctif Partners
Redeveloped a legacy site whilst creating a component-library for use in microsites.
Skills: ES6, Jekyll, Wordpress

Refreshed marketing site to reflect new brand direction, extracted shared components from marketing & ecommerce projects into a component library.
Skills: ES6, CSS, Static-site generators, accessible & responsive design

The Rumpus Room
Built large scale innovative campaigns for clients such as the UN, sporting celebreties and musicians. Rapid prototyping of campaigns in conjunction with creatives.
Skills: React, Redux, prototyping

The Telegraph
Developed a tool for journalists to enrich articles with contextual information, with similar tools now used by many big name digital news sites.
Skills: React, Bootstrap, UX, prototyping

Alan Yau

Bradley Wiggins

WhatLeadsTo (03 - 06/2015)

Built the early stages of a platform to help charities and business better measure and report their social impact. Worked closely with designers and stakeholders to rapidly prototype and test features.
Skills: React, Node, MongoDB, Product design

Kota Creative (03 - 09/2014)

Led development on a host of websites for clients in the hospitality sector.
Skills: Front-end, Wordpress

FuelStory / Converge Collective (03 - 09/2013)

Worked on the rebranding and strategy for a rapidly growing London coworking space and prototyped a number of small apps and websites, handling everything from design to competitor research and market analysis.
Skills: Prototyping, Front-end, Design, Research


BA Digital Media Design (2012 - 2015)

London College of Communication
Skills: Creative coding, hardware, motion graphics, 3D, video editing

Interactive Media (2010 - 2012)

South Nottingham College
Skills: Web development & design, animation, video production